Tuesday, February 7, 2017


DS-13 - "Last Mosh For Charle: Live In Umea Hard Core" LP

16 tracks recorded live in the raw frozen blizzard of northern Sweden, 2015. No overdubs, no studio magic, no fucks given. This is hardcore punk. Limited to 500 copies on 3 different colors. All copies will come with a download that also includes the live video of the show these recordings came from.
There has NEVER before been a record so intensely Umeå Hard Fucking Core, as these 22 minutes. From the 8 second soundcheck that opens the record, to the closing chaos of Dennis doing ”Steppin stone” with us as André fucking smashes the drums to pieces. You can hear every person in the crowd breathing, boozin' and burpin' between the songs. Every out of tune note is here for the world to hear. Kids shouting stupid shit, us saying stupid shit, people just grabbing the mic and screaming "ARRRRRRGH!" for no apparent fucking reason. The singalongs, the stagedives, the lights in the ceiling crashing down - it's all here. A night of total love and total musical destruction with an intensity few people in their 40's can match. A memory to bring to the grave. *Spela Snabbare Records will be handling European distribution.*

Monday, July 25, 2016

SHIPPING NOW: Endorphins Lost / DeathgraVe "split" 7"
One ounce more of shear brutality and this slab of wax would spontaneously combust. Yeah, it's that brutal. EL hail from Seattle, WA & play a fast, heavy, and aggressive style that isn't pure Grindcore or Power Violence, but unique mashup of both. They offer up 2 originals and a super sick cover of Circle Jerks "Don't Care". Drive a few hundred miles south to the San Jose/Oakland area 
and you'll find DeathgraVe holding it down. There's endless debate about what Grindcore is, and which bands are and aren't. 
When I think of Grindcore, DeathgraVe are it. Relentless, harsh, heavy, and dark. DeathgaVe issue 3 songs in just under 4 minutes, and it's just not enough. When shit hits the fan and ash starts falling from the sky, this is will be the soundtrack to the end of times. Recorded and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA. 
Limited to 500 copies. (RTTCR-027)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Distro Items:

Sick/Tired / Sea of Shit "split" LP $11.99
Manpig - "The Grand Negative" LP $11.99
To The Point / Pick Your Side "split" 10" $10.99
Cave State - "Manferior" 7" $4.99
Lifespite - "S/T" 7" $4.99
Fast Asleep - "Outside The Fence" 7" $4.99
Terminal Nation - "S/T" 7" $4.99

Backslider - "Motherfucker" LP $11.99
To The Point / FYPM "split" 7" + Short Fast & Loud Zine #29 $7.99
Magrudergrind "II" LP $14.99
Cripple Bastards - "Senza Impronte" 7" $4.99
Nasum - "Shift" LP $16.99
Nasum - "Inhale/Exhale" LP $16.99
Coffins - "Sewer Sludgecore  Treatment" LP $11.99
Up The Punx!

Friday, December 4, 2015


These 12 songs were culled from decade old riff tapes and made into a cohesive EP that sounds 
like it could've been written yesterday. Expect manic fastcore and a few mid paced numbers. Fans of Capitalist Casualties and Lack of Interest.

Oxnard, California-based STOP BREATHING will release their second LP, V, this Summer, this week confirming the album’s official street date cover art and more, as new live actions begin to come together for the months ahead.
A tight knit union of bandits also hailing from The Fucking Wrath, Glass & Ashes, The Missing 23rd, Young Livers and other acts, STOP BREATHING has been pounding out their energetic skate-punk/late-‘80s hardcore since 2009 Cranking things up another few notches with their fifth official release, in their fifth year as a band, V was recorded in two sessions; the first in 2013 right before bassist Mike Carter moved to Portland, and the second nine months later with everything but bass. They sent the songs up to Portland, where Carter would track the bass lines and backing screams, after which it was mastered by Paul Miner at Buzz Bomb Sound Labs (Death By Stereo, H20). Hurtling a dozen new anthems point-blank into the population in just over thirty minutes, V surges with the restless angst of early Western US heroes 7 Seconds, Poison Idea, The Descendents, and The Circle Jerks delivered in a fired-up contemporary attack fans of everything from Good Riddance and Kid Dynamite to Bane and Kill Your Idols will dive into like a swirling circle pit.
V will see official vinyl and digital release on August 11th, 2015. The cover art by Kane Shimek and Ruben Perez, the track listing and more has been released in advance, and audio from the record and much more will be released late this Spring and into Summer. With the departure of Carter to Portland and Jesse to school commitments, STOP BREATHING enlisted Chris Goodrich (Catholic Spit) on bass and longtime friend Kile Garcia on second guitar, making their delivery all the more unstoppable.
*Includes Download Code w/Bonus Track*

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


$4.99 Retail / $3.00 Wholesale
First off I just wanna say that I'm super stoked and honored to be working with two groups of awesome human beings, there seem to be so few these days. Let's get down to brass tax. What you're gonna get on this unholy piece of wax are 8 trax of complete grinding powerviolence madness. 3 from EL and 5 from FC. To give those that are unfamiliar with these bands an idea of what to expect, I'm gonna name drop some of their influences. Crossed Out, Nasum, Man Is The Bastard, Spazz, No Comment, Iron Lung, Capitalist Casualties...etc.